Special Visual Studio 2010 Testing presentation

I just came across a nice Visual Studio 2010 presentation, focused on testing. The special thing about this presentation is that this presentation was build using Deep Zoom technology. Every point on the presentation also contains a short video.

More information can be found on Jihad Dannawi’s blog

And of course a link to the Visual Studio 2010 Testing presentation in Deep Zoom

More Silverlight controls thanks to Silverlight toolkit

If you are looking for more controls to implement in your Silverlight projects than you defenitely need to check out the new Silverlight toolkit on CodePlex.

What is the Silverlight Toolkit?

The Silverlight Toolkit is a collection of Silverlight controls, components and utilities made available outside the normal Silverlight release cycle. It adds new functionality quickly for designers and developers, and provides the community an efficient way to help shape product development by contributing ideas and bug reports. This first release includes full source code, unit tests, samples and documentation for 12 new controls covering charting, styling, layout, and user input.

What can you find in this toolkit?

The Silverlight Toolkit defines four Quality Bands that describe the stability and finish-level of each component. Below is a summary of where the components currently in the Silverlight Toolkit fall within the quality bands.


In addition to great controls, the Toolkit also includes a beautiful assortment of professional themes to make your applications stand out and improve the overall look-and-feel of your Silverlight UI. See the overview on Theming for more information.

Where can I find this toolkit?

You can download the Silverlight toolkit on CodePlex


A lot of free Silverlight 2.0 controls

I came across a blogpost with a lot of cool controls, some of which I have showed on my blog as well. Anyway if you are looking for a free Silverlight 2.0 navigation control, combobox, navigation, media player control or something to create graphs with in Silverlight 2.0 than check out this link: A lot of free Silverlight 2.0 controls.