Browsing SharePoint server from Word not possible

Quite puzzled today when I tried to save a file from Word to SharePoint. I got the message “You can’t open this location using this program. Please try a different location”. After googling a little bit I found a solution for my problem. This only seems to be happening when you try to open or save files to SharePoint from office application on a Windows Server OS. In my case the OS was Windows Server 2008 R2 so that checked out correctly.

To solve the problem you need to install the feature “Desktop Experience”.

- Go to Server Manager
- Click on “Features”
- Click on “Add Features”
- Select “Desktop Experience” and install additional required components if Windows asks you to


- Click “Next”
- Click “Install”
- Restart the server

Free SharePoint 2007 Development training sessions

The FireStarter event is a US event where they show as much as possible content on a specific subject. Basically a kind of technical bootcamp. Some time ago there was such an event on SharePoint development. These are 101 courses so a beginner should do fine with these and a more experienced developer can brush up a bit. Are you wondering how you can use Silverlight with SharePoint. Asking yourself the questions: what is a SharePoint webpart, how do I develop a SharePoint webpart. What are webservices? How can I use webservices together with SharePoint? What are Workflow’s? How can I create a workflow process in SharePoint? What kind of events are there in a SharePoint site and how can I catch these events? How can I brand my SharePoint site with my custom colors and logo’s? Well, an answer to all these questions can be found in the  following recordings.

LIVE MEETING REPLAY URL:                       

Session 1 – Introduction To Day & Keynote:

Session 2 – Whirlwind SharePoint on Visual Studio:

Session 3 – Silverlight on SharePoint:

Session 4 – Web Parts on SharePoint:

Session 5 – Web Services on SharePoint:

Session 6 – Workflow on SharePoint:

Session 7 – Event Handlers on SharePoint:

Session 8 – Page Branding on SharePoint:


More info can be found here: SharePoint Web 2.0 FireStarter – Live Meeting Recordings