Failed to install ASP.NET MVC2 with Visual Studio 2010 RC

Today I wanted to experiment a little bit with ASP.NET MVC2. I downloaded the bits from Microsoft Download and clicked on the executable. Unfortunately an error occurred and the installation was stopped.

No worries, this is an easy fix. If you click on Details, then you’ll see what’s going on. From my previous Visual Studio 2010 release, I still had an older version of ASP.NET MVC.



I just removed ASP.NET MVC 2 and then tried to reinstall, this time it succeeded!


Phil Haack has some more information on this on his blog

ASP.NET MVC reference pages on MSDN

As you may or may not know since the release of ASP.NET MVC RTW 1.0 Microsoft has placed reference pages on MSDN library. Here can find all the information concerning the different methods, properties, classes etc that you can use. Following namespaces are thoroughly explained:

- System.Web.Mvcnamespace

Contains classes and interfaces that support the MVC pattern for ASP.NET Web applications. This namespace includes classes that represent controllers, controller factories, action results, views, partial views, ad model binders.

- System.Web.Mvc.Ajaxnamespace

Contains classes that support AJAX scripts in an ASP.NET MVC application. The namespace includes support for AJAX scripts and AJAX option settings.

- System.Web.Mvc.Htmlnamespace

Contains classes that help render HTML controls in an MVC application. The namespace includes classes that support forms, input controls, links, partial views, and validation.

ASP.NET MVC RC2 released

I just noticed a new version of ASP.NET MVC has been released to the public. Don’t think there are many ground breaking changes, except for the deployment process. Next to that several other bugfixes were implemented in this release

Small summary:

- Deployment related updates (Bin deployment and Setup do not require .NET 3.5 SP1) and server-only (no visual studio 2008) install possible.

- JQuery support for the latest version, 1.3.1

- Bug fixing

More information:

Detailed release notes of ASP.NET MVC RC2
Official post from Phil Haack


ASP.NET MVC RC2 download page
Source code  and MVC Futures assembly

ASP.NET MVC reached Beta

After five preview version ASP.NET MVC reached to the Beta status. I really see some potential in this technology. Too bad I haven’t had enough time to fully check it out. Download the bits on Microsoft Download. And detailed information can be found on Scott Gu’s blog

Phil Haack talking about ASP.NET MVC and the new features in Preview 4

The famous Phil Haack first gives an introduction to ASP.NET MVC. What the core function are. How the routing mechanism work. What the main differences are with basic ASP.NET webforms. Really interesting interview.

MVC Preview 4 with Phil Haack